Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Listgirl's 8x8 Recipe Book Template Giveaway

Fabulous Adventures of Listgirl: 8x8 Recipe Book Template Giveaway

Listgirl is giving away an 8x8 recipe book template set that she created.

Christine and Todd created an 8x8 recipe book as a Christmas gift to family and close friends. All throughout 2009, they took photos of food that they cooked and wrote up the recipes. The book was VERY well-received by the recipients. Everyone woo'ed and wow'ed at it!

She is kind enough to share the process, results, and also give away the templates she made for the recipe book! :)

Christine also has a new store, where she sells templates of all kinds, and often offers some for free!
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listgirl said...

Hi Katherine! I didn't know you had a cooking blog! Thanks for the shout out about my recipe book template giveaway, that's so awesome of you!