Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fabulous Fifties Recipe Cards

To help my friends at Escape and Scrap celebrate their 5th Birthday I created these 'Fabulous Fifties' Recipe Cards. Harkening back to the American 1950's, these were some of the popular items of the day. Click the 'Recipes' catagory to see all of our recipe cards.

These cards were made with digital graphics courtesy of
the Nifty Designers Series @

The Nifty 50s Parts 1-5

The Nifty Boutique designers are proud to present The Nifty 50s,

capturing the iconic 1950s feel--collect all five kits in the series.


Sock Hop & Poodle Skirt

Mini Kits by Kay Eflin

$0.99 each

Fun mini-kits with a retro theme for our Nifty 50s Birthday Party.

Let's Play! by Carol Baumann
This kit is full of cute 50's kids and retro colors!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Travel Cup Insert Printable - It's Free!

Travel Cup Insert Printable [JM-234] - It's Free! : e-scape and scrap, Fresh New Real Designs
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Throw Away The Recipe; Learn The Ratio Instead

Throw Away The Recipe; Learn The Ratio Instead

Michael Ruhlman wants to free home cooks from what he calls the "shackles of the recipe."

His new book, Ratio, is about learning basic ratios. For example: 3:2:1 — three parts flour, two parts fat (like butter) and one part water — makes a basic pie crust. Add a dash of salt, and it's a savory base for a quiche. Add some sugar, and you've got a shell for cherries, chocolate cream or fresh peaches.

"I want people to understand the fundamentals of cooking," he tells host Guy Raz. He says home cooks are so focused on recipes that they don't understand the importance of ratios.

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