Thursday, October 22, 2009

Healthy Halloween: Haunted Breakfast

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Healthy Halloween: Haunted Breakfast
Fun and healthy break from Halloween sweets.

Eerie Eyeballs
For Two Eyes:
2 Apple rings
1 Dried Apricot
1 Raisin

For each pair of eyes, gently flatten two dried apple rings with the palm of your hand. Slice a dried apricot through the middle so that you end up with two circular halves. Press a half, sticky side down, onto the center of an apple ring, covering the hole. For pupils, use kitchen scissors to cut a raisin in two, and press the halves, sticky side down, onto the apricots.

Ghost Toasts
White Bread (1 slice per ghost)
Whipped cream cheese

For each, toast a slice of white bread and then cut a ghost shape from it. You can do this freehand using a knife, or you can use a gingerbread-girl cookie cutter. When the cutouts have cooled, spread on a generous coating of whipped cream cheese. For eyes and mouths, add raisins.

Here's Mine: I cut the ghosts out of the bread first and then toasted them. My daughter doesn't love cream cheese so I used 'Smart Balance'. she really enjoyed the surprise this morning!

This card was made with graphics from Googly Moogly
courtesy of Saxon Holt & Tracey Monette
available at Scrapbook