Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Submit Your Seasonal Recipes

I am taking submissions for seasonal recipes.
Have your favorites turned into a printable recipe card.

I am looking for seasonal, easy and did I say 'easy'!

Please include a photo of the dish, or ingredient)s), IF you have one!

Email submissions to:
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Doritos belong in outer space. 35 Ingredients?

Which Favorite Snack has 35 Ingredients? - Doritos - Snack Snoop


Which Favorite Snack has 35 Ingredients?

There is a snack that earns Frito-Lay around $600 million a year. The multiple flavors of this chip and colors of the packages are incredibly enticing. With 35 ingredients, they are truly a food engineering miracle. We know them as Doritos.

What exactly is a Dorito? Some would say it is a "food-like" substance. Check out Micheal Pollan's book on the subject at the end of this post.

With upward of 35 ingredients, including such things as MSG and artificial colors, a Dorito is a manufacturing miracle. When you bite into one - are you really tasting food?

Try them up against some Cheese and Crackers or just Potato Chips. Perhaps your own taste test will lead you to the conclusion that Doritos belong in outer space.

The other big issue with Doritos is the serving size. In one package of Doritos, you get just over 2 ounces which is 310 calories.

One ounce (11 chips) is equal to 150 calories. Frito-Lay list one serving as 1 ounce on the package - but who can eat just half a package?

Check out this excellent book on "food-like substances":

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