Saturday, February 28, 2009

Victory Spinach

This is an old recipe from 1919!

* spinach
* 1 onion
* butter
* flour
* salt
* pepper
* grated nutmeg
* meat stock or gravy
* sour cream

Carefully wash the spinach, scald it in boiling
salted water, then pour cold water over it,
drain and chop fine. Stew an onion in butter
until it is soft, add the spinach, sprinkle flour
over it and cook for ten minutes stirring
constantly, add salt, pepper, a little grated
nutmeg, and cover with meat stock or
gravy. Boil a few minutes and when done,
add a little sour cream.

*I made this a few nights ago and it was much more delicious than you would ever think!
I made a few changes tho; here's what I did.

  • First I didn't have enough spinach, it shrinks up when you cook it so was a lot of it!
  • I didn't, so I added some sliced baby new potatoes that I had leftover.
  • I didn't have stock or broth so I added a beef boullion cube dissolved in a cup of hot water.
  • I didn't have sour cream so I added a few tablespoons of neufatchel cheese (low fat cream cheese).

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