Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentine Healthy Treats Series: #4, Angel Food Cake and Berry Parfait

Help your child's class this Valentine's Day by sending something healthy instead of the usual candy. Follow my Valentine Healthy Treats Series to get some ideas for your class or group. 

Angel Food Cake and Berry Parfait

A  light dessert that looks impressive!

Angle food cake, cut into large chunks
Strawberries, and/or other berries
or bag of frozen berries, thawed
Whipped topping or vanilla yogurt
Dessert cups or glasses

Add a large cake chunk to the bottom of the cup.
Add a layer a layer of low-fat whipped topping
or vanilla yogurt and top off with of berries.

These cards were made with digital graphics courtesy of
the Designers @ e-scapeandscrap.net

Cotton Candy Splash by: Ruth Davis