Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crock Pot Spinach Lasagna

Crock Pot Spinach Lasagna

1 Box Lasagna Pasta 
2 C of your favorite Italian Sauce
8 0z bag Shredded Mozzarella {save 3 heaping spoons}
15 oz container of Ricotta or cottage cheese, use to taste
fresh spinach {save a few leaves}
Cooking spray 
½ cup water 

Spray crock pot with cooking spray for easy clean up 
Place few spoons of sauce to cover bottom of pan

  • Assemble in layers as: 
    Place uncooked pasta on bottom of pan
    Spoon sauce a top the pasta 
    Spoon ricotta/cottage cheese a top the sauce
    Sprinkle with mozzarella
    Cover with a generous amount of fresh spinach
    Dot sparingly with sauce
    Top with uncooked pasta

Repeat the layering process 
Top off with saved cheese and the reserved leaves
Pour water around perimeter 
Cover and cook on low until past is tender, about 1  1/2 to 2  1/2 hours.

{Crock pot cooking times vary check periodically the first time you make it for your pot's time frame} 

This is a great recipe because it is so easy and can be varied just the way you like it. Use as much or as little of the ingredients that you like. I used low fat cheeses and made mine pretty saucy. I prefer only a little Ricotta cheese so I used less than half of a small container. I also pinch the stems of the spinach. I used Barilla no-cook Lasagna but you can use regular, just don't pre-cook it! You could add anything to this, mushrooms, sausage, olives, etc.  So customize yours just the way you like it. 

You'll also want to determine your cooking time too. I put mine on LOW and for about 3 hours later because we were out. But I would say about 90 minutes may be enough. Mine came out a little mushy but the taste was great!

A good go-to meal for and easy meal that doesn't have to slow cook all day!

These cards were made with 'Saxon's Holiday Kitchen'
and ' In My Kitchen' courtesy of Saxon Holt @ Scrapbook Graphics
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Papers from Holiday Kitchen

Pasta from In My Kitchen

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